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Catastrophies – 2012

I do not see the end of the world! Unless you are on a cruise ship! Yes, be aware of any transportation on water as this may not be the safest way to travel in 2012 and the incident in Italy is just one illustration of this Neptune effect. Water is our trouble maker this year in general. It can take the form of a Tsunami, a flood or a storm. However I don’t see this element affecting the U.S.A. like in a Katrina way…

What I would say is that political shifts will continue to be the instrument for chaos, death and violence. I see changes in head of states, abroad mainly. Some will be removed via elections or by popular action, others will resign even. Not all of them are bad leaders, I see a change for one who enjoyed popular support. The powerful may be subject to reversal of fortune once thought unlikely. Africa and the Middle East are the most active areas for 2012…But Europe will see some heads rolling!


Here we are regarding cruiseships and it is only a beginning:

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/27/costa-allegra-on-fire-off_n_1303972.html?ref=travel  (note that no one was injured however the ship is in the most dangerous waters known for pirates and kidnapping)

March 31, 2012: http://news.yahoo.com/cruise-ship-drifting-fire-off-philippines-054240309.html

October 30, 2012: Super Storm Sandy hit the East coast of the United States, forcing evacuation, the closure of Wall Street and the paralysis of NYC. Flooded subway, fires and floods as a result of this giant hurricane.


As a reminder, we still have the earthquake prediction from 2009 pending as we get into 2013 with the election of a new mayor for Los Angeles. You can look into our past yearly prediction and see this prophecy but for the sake of saving you some time, here is the basic:

When would be the next big earthquake for Los Angeles that would be 6.4 and above? prophecy made and posted in December 2008
The city of Los Angeles will not experience any devastating earthquake for another 4 years (this prediction is made on December 2008!). However during the 5th year, a major devastating event will take place. The coming of a new charactere (a woman) as being a significant player in the city of Los Angeles (mayor?) will be the timeline. Two major earthquakes greater than 6.4 will take place that year of her coming. Each earthquake will be few weeks or months apart but will take place between December 2012 and December 2013. The devastation will be such that the entire design and make up of the town will be changed for a long time. It may take two years or more for the city to repair or fix the long term side effects of such shakes.
NOTE: I went to double check when would be the next mayor election in LA. It is set on March 3rd, 2009! They hold office for 4 years…The next election will be on March 3rd, 2013!!!! Coincidence?!
To all of you who live in L.A., if a woman comes on the scene as a possible mayor candidate few months before the official election, I would pack my bag as it seems that her fate and L.A.’s fate are linked in those earthquakes’ predictions.
If she wins, time to go live at your vacation home for a while and see what happens. I will surely pay attention to this prophecy part because I am very curious to see if a woman is going to run in 4 years but also because I live here!!!
Update (Feb 26, 2009): the race for L.A. mayor for 2009 got started. Wendy Greuel is running for controller of the city of Los Angeles. It is usually a stepping stone for positioning yourself to run for mayor later on…So we have possibly our woman and if she gets that position, we need to pay very close attention to that prophecy! Specially if she runs for mayor in 4 years!
03/04/2009: Wendy Greuel was elected city controller with a very large margin. We also will have the same mayor for another mandate but Antonio may be looking into becoming a governor and run against Arnold…
As of November 2012, here are the official declared runner ups. You will notice that Mrs. Greuel is running for mayor next year.
I would add that the prophecy is built on two premises: two earthquakes within a year cycle and a woman running the town. It is not about a date or a specific year. So in the eventuality that no woman would become mayor in 2013, the prophecy will still be pending until the next race in 2017.
Sorry to keep the suspense up but the vision was specific: a woman is mayor and on her first year, two earthquakes hit the city. I then researched the time of election to find out that the next election cycle was 2013. However the year was not shown in the vision, just those two synchonicities.


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