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Whitney Houston’s Death – 2012

It is with great sadness that we saw the unexpected passing of one of the greatest singers of all times, Whitney Houston; as I am writing this (Feb 19th 2012) after her funeral, we still do not know the cause of death.

I do from time to time look into those accidental deaths to see if I can unveil the mystery around such an event, so I will share with you my insights and in a few weeks we will find out the truth about her untimely departure.

There is no doubt that a mixture of prescription drugs and alcohol is at play here; I believe the singer took several medications in the course of the day to ease her anxiety and help her cope with her day and pending gala. Unfortunately the mixture did not go well with her body. I fear that her fatal decision to get that hot bath was her demise, the steam increasing the blood pressure and triggering her to ‘pass out’ to never come back.

I believe Miss Houston was already a bit “out of sync” when she got in, her body was already showing signs of distress due to the chemicals and the alcohol in her body – I don’t see that she was drunk. I think the final cause of death is either an organ failure or a type of ‘stroke’. I am not a doctor obviously but I doubt it is her heart so it could be another organ that is responsible.

The singer fell into a dream like state (passed out) and left her body (death/organ failure) without pain or struggle, which then went under water… Therefore there should be little water in her lungs. Her death took place right after a few people (family or friends) left the hotel room, my estimate within less than half hour. Her soul was welcomed by her father first but then she went to seek her daughter for comfort and closure. I expect the singer to stay close to her girl for as long as she needs to…

Based on what I saw, I can’t stop wondering…Whitney’s death…It could have been indeed her time to leave. Her father waiting to welcome her, her seamless transition, a few hours before her mentor’s reception, her death happening right after her people leave when they were with her all that time. Too many coincidences. I don’t believe in coincidence!


As of Feb 22, 2012 we haven’t got the results yet; but news have surfaced about the preliminaries on her toxicology tests. If it was confirmed, my insights would be found accurate onto what happened.



Interesting interview with Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Christina who mentions that her mother’s spirit makes the lights go on and off in the house and that she feels her presence with her. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/entertainment/post/2012/03/live-blog-oprah-talks-to-whitney-houstons-family-bobbi/1

Finally on March 22nd, 2012 the autopsy came back as reported below:


Between us, they really do not know what happened except that she had a combination of drugs (legal) and cocaine in her blood as well as arteries clogged by years of cocaine use. we will know in a couple of weeks how much cocaine her body had exactly. Meanwhile I will quote this paragraph from the article I posted the link on above:

“Houston had battled drug addiction for years, and the coroner’s office found traces of several drugs — including marijuana, the anti-anxiety medication Xanax, the muscle relaxant Flexeril as well as Benadryl — in her system. But the coroner’s office concluded that those drugs did not contribute to her death.

Cocaine did play a role, though officials would not say how much of the drug was in her system. Craig Harvey, the coroner’s operations chief, said the toxicology findings “suggested chronic usage.”

“She could have had a heart attack,” rendering her unconscious, and then become submerged in the filled tub, said Ed Winter, the coroner’s deputy chief for operations.

A law enforcement source said that no cocaine was found in Houston’s room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel but that bottles of various medications were recovered. The autopsy found that the singer suffered from a pre-existing condition known as atherosclerotic heart disease.”

The arteries’ condition did not help the singer that evening but I stand my ground based on what she showed me that the combination of drugs and the steam of that hot bath triggered an organ failure (heart attack is suggested by the coroner’s office) then she left her body. The respiratory system is automatic for a few minutes, enough to absorb water into the lungs but as far as I am concerned she was gone already… I let you decide for yourself.


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