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Prophecies for 2013

We are now in February and it is time to announce what may come our ways for the next 10 months or so. I recorded a radio show a couple of days ago that you may want to listen to since it has an overview on some of the events expected in the near future. As 2013 is the year of the Black Water Snake, we should keep wary of water in general: storms, oceans, hurricanes and so on. However I do not foresee this year any major unusual weather situation, at least in the United States, outside of the expected hurricanes and downpours we see in the East coast. We may have close calls but it won’t transform into another “Sandy”.

2013 is the year of changes in contrast to 2012 which was a year of challenges we had to face in order to grow. This time it is about endings in regards to our relationships; this may be with our peers, our co-workers, our work environment and our family relationships including our personal intimate ones. The year can start with a dramatic announcement “I am leaving YOU!’ or with a sudden realization you need to move on from an established relationship that is no longer making you happy. The ending may appear necessary or forced upon us. The idea behind the phenomena is that the ties are no longer suitable for our development or for what we need to do next, that you know it already or are in denial about it.

We must have the courage to face those endings and move beyond their initial pain and negative impact to embrace new connections meant to lead us to greater success (yes, there is a ‘pay-off’ at the end of that cycle) while displaying greater confidence after having overcome the initial shock. New opportunities will enfold to bless us with financial rewards, a better environment through a new work and/or a new personal relationship with greater fulfillment. We cannot lose if we are willing to go through the change that the ending promises.

Let’s look at what we can expect for the country in this vibration and we will see at the end of the year how accurate these predictions were.

Economy – Real Estate – Stock Market

The economy will remain set on its current course and momentum. It is good for some people, it may be not good enough for many. The government policies discussed already will be put to a test while I would not expect any new ones to come up this year. Maybe next year will be more interesting.

The stock market will still be volatile with some ups and downs in the course of the year but nothing huge either way. For day traders and investors, this will be good news as they can take advantage of this but for the regular investors, keeping values and income producing stocks will be the way to go. Again a boring but positive plateau for those who don’t like big surprises.

The real estate market won’t add much gain either so if your property value increased last year, you will retain the benefit; however some of you may see it move up again this year, artificially, due to a scarce inventory in your area, driven by potential buyers forced to overbid on the few properties available for sale in their markets. Buyers, if you are looking for a single family home or an estate over a million dollar value, you will be happy to see by Spring time, a new wave of properties to choose from. We will see Baby boomers unloading their paid-off homes to enjoy life with less responsibilities or estate planners selling off for more liquidity in their pocket. Unfortunately the condo market won’t benefit from it and rentals will continue to be as hot as ever with continued increase in rent values. Yikes if you are a renter in a big city!

Year disasters

In the U.S.A. territories, we will witness maritime and/or aerial catastrophes due to mechanical failure or lack of maintenance, event such as plane crash, cruise ship stranded with passengers, aerial show disaster etc.. Any American transport company (airlines, cruise ship operators) are part of this prophecy if it does not take place in the U.S.A.

First update on the above on 02/15/2013: Cruiseship Triumph from Carnival and its 4,000 passengers get stranded in poor conditions for days in the Gulf of Mexico! Unfortunately after the ship is finally taxied back to port, passengers continue their journey to hell with bus break down and plane delays: all caused by mechanical failure and poor maintenance!



More problems for Carnaval, two ships “Dream” and “Legend” experienced similar mechanical failures than “Triumph” however in a less dramatic ending. Notice both incidents took place during a mercury retrograde.



Violence against children will continue this year as if we were inside of an endless nightmare. It seems that we are being asked to address the sick mind of those perpetrators, being mental (health) or spiritual (soul) so we can stop the evil from spreading more sorrow in the heart of the people. Remember 2013 is the year of endings…

On the world scene, violence and wars will be business as usual in countries plagued with civil wars and religious dissension. The children there will also be the silent victims of the sick minds that roam this planet.


2013 should be a rewarding year (materially and romantically) for those who embrace the endings and welcome the new. For those who need to work on letting go, this year will be a full on demonstration of what is required. If not, this cycle could be a depressing and emotionally challenging year that will still bring an end to what needs to go…

I wish you all the best in this year of the Black Water Snake!


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