U.S.A. 2009: The state of the economy during the upcoming new year?


When you pick cards for that system, do not flip them over until both decks have been used and all the cards are placed properly…then turn them over. There is no charge card, we only choose 5 cards randomly for each deck!

Again this spread is not for a person but for an economy!

Ace of Cups + Queen of Cups + Two of Pentacles + 1 Magician + 12 the hang
31- Sun + 4- House + 34- Fish + 15- Bear + 11- Whip

1) Ace of Cups represents a new year, new hope and new beginning. Of course it s an emotional card! Combined with 31-Sun, that talks about success, positive outcome and overcoming obstacles. So we can interprete this combination as an emotional optimism that things will get better coming from the American people!

Note: there is optimism for the incoming administration that is looked at as the ’savior’ of a desastrous state of economy. The new administration will be officially in place by the end of January.

2) Queen of Cups are about emotions, domestic situations as accentuated by the house card and creative feelings. With the house 4, that establishes the American households, the families and the individuals that constitue a family.

Note: the middle class is the one who suffers right now because of foreclosures, growing unemployment and the lack of benefits! Talks are going around that the incoming administration is going to focus on families and the middle class!

3) Two of Wands is about juggling resources, doing a balancing act with accounts and money while looking for additional sources of income. That is an uncertainty card! With the fish -34, that is the self employment card but also the business symbol, the combination refers to business in the U.S. and the up and down cycle that won’t end anytime soon. Businesses need to prepare to go through that uncertainty for a while longer.

Note: December was not a good month for retailers and business in general. All major stores report a 30 % drop in average for the Christmas shopping season and discounters like Walmart show only 3 to 4 percents increase. Overall professions like massage therapists, psychics and plastic sergeons saw their incomes drop the same amount in the past 4 months!

4) The magician refers to the utilization of one’s skills and opportunities to demonstrate them. It is also a break that can create prosperity. With the bear -15, the card is about money and cash flow. So this combination may hint to a break in the cycle of the current money situation that could lead to a boost of the stock market overall but also to some financial turn around in 2009…

Note: The stock market has been going up and down for months now but definitive down big time as all gains that were done in the past few years have been lost completely this year 2008. This combination is an interesting prediction…

5) The hanged man is the ’stand by’ card. One must wait and be patient! it is a time to work on yourself and trust the Universe that the timing is on hold for a reason. The whip -11, is the activity card with physical actions done with assertiveness and sometimes violently. However this combination is referring to a slow process, that may be seeing moments of intense activity but most likely a steady process with changes you don’t see right away.

Note: A slow recovery is the speed that is expected by most experts. There is going to be no over night miracle according to them regardless of the change of leadership!

6) Timing:
the beginning of the year 2009 is noted by the Ace of Cups obviously. The first 3 months of the year seem to be represented by the combination 2 of Pentacles and 4- house which is April). This may tell us that during the first trimester of the year, people will be feeling more optimistic regarding the future and hopeful that the issues will get resolved.
The combination 2 of Pentacles, 1 magician with 34-fish and 15-bear may let us to believe that some financial changes are to be expected that could be very positive…This may explain the mood mentioned earlier.
However the economy does not seem to recover right away. The hanged man with the 11-whip tend to signal a slow and even unfelt change, sort of like you see it only when it is done! 11 whip represent November and the hanged card can be how long it will take…So we may have to wait until November 2009 before we finally realized the worse is behind us and we are now feeling the effects of the recovery.

So according to this spread, we can prophecize that the American economy will not recover officially until November 2009! But there will be an optimism from the people at the beginning of the year due to some financial decisions leading to help families and middle class that will boost the moral and their cashflow. Although this will not mean the economy is better, it will allow households to weather the uncertainties until the turn around is permanently felt.

Anything we need to know about the President Barack Obama and his policies for 2009?



Here is the spread:

6 of Wands + 4 Emperor + 6 of Pentacles + 10 of Cups + 9 hermit
12-Birds + 26-Book + 32-Moon + 30-Lily + 25-Ring

1) The 6 of Wands is the victory card and success over any obstacles. It is also the card of prestige and reputation. The birds -12, it is communication and negociation. With this combination, we can see that Obama is presented with a victory (he just won the election!) and it was due to his oral abilities (birds).

Note: we know that birds can also be speeches and legal ones. Obama is a lawyer by trade but he built his reputation as an exceptional speaker -which may have been a decision factor in his victory over his opponent.

2) The Emperor is a man of power who decides and rules his land, established and secured in his belief. The book -26, it is the knowledge card and the secret card as well. The combination shows Obama as the leader of a nation (he is the incoming president!) with the card of knowledge (the book can be the code of law /legal/ Obama is a lawyer) but also the possibility that this man knows more than people think or that he lets to believe.

Note: Obama is a lawyer who was a senator until his election. He earned a reputation of being a calm and stoic individual even when attacked. He has demonstrated his convictions to some close people that he knew he would become president!

3) 6 of Pentacles talks about positive cashflow, promotion and bonuses. Money is plentiful due to a major professional change. The moon -32 accentuates the notion of popularity, fame and prestige. This combination is about achievements and moving up the ladder!

Note: Mr Obama is the first African American President in the history of the United States! He went to be a senator to become the Commander in Chief and leader of a country: that is PROMOTION! The interesting point though is that his fundraising abilities were so great that his campaign still have plenty of money left. Millions of dollars indeed! He is assured a name in History because of his ancestry but also because he won the popular vote and the collegial one!

4) 10 of Cups is the wish card that grants whatever is important to you! Therefore it is an assurance that you will be happy soon with the turn of events. Personal satisfaction is a side effect of this card! The lily -30 is the maturity, long term range card. It is also peace and stillness. The combination may try to point to the fact that Obama may reach some important and personal goals this incoming year but also that he will be satisfied in the way he is going later on…It may hint to a possible second term as well.

Note: I was saying earlier that Obama built a reputation of calmness and mature behavior! Well it is confirmed in this combination. This two cards may also signify that Obama will not disappoint because of the promise of a re-election for a second term (lily=going full term).

5) The hermit shows someone who is on a quest for knowledge while being a teacher, a wise man toward others. This individual is looking for the right path while exercizing wisdom! The ring -25 talks about solutions, agreements and partnerships. It is the bulleye, the center of the target!
The combination could be about leading the nation slowly, carefully while learning about the situations. Working alone (the hermit is the solitude card) but bringing together people to agree and solve situations as they come.

Note: Mr. Obama has already demonstrate his bi-partisanship by electing some republicans in key positions in his administration. He is known as someone willing to listen and discuss opposite views. So far he has appointed people who are very experienced in the field and who may come from different political sensitivities.

6) Timing:
The birds refer to December/winter. The victory of the election is only few weeks back and the new administration will be officially in place by January 20th! The moon is always pointing to “soon” and the emperor is linked with Aries (March 21st to April 21st). With the 6 of Pendacles, we may be looking at “from 6 weeks to April”.
But the lily is always a slow process that can be between months to years. With the 10 of Cups, we may be looking at 10 months! the hermit is linked with Virgo (August 21 to September 21). So Fall is another important timing for this President!

So this spread prophecizes that Mr. Obama will live up to the high expectations placed in him by the American people. Within few weeks of his administation he will prove himself to be the right leader for the challenges facing the nation. He will experience personal satisfaction in the results that he will be getting and will establish new policies that will be in place by the Fall. Meanwhile to start he will use money to affect short term the nation. It is likely this man will be re-elected for a second term!


What would unfold in this new year 2009 regarding the Iraq war?  
Spread is as followed (no key card or charge card used, only random 5 cards)

Ace of cups + 19 Sun + 13 Death + Knight of swords + 0 Fool
35-anchor + 14-fox + 6-clouds + 9-bouquet + 25-ring

1- Ace of cups with anchor
As we have encountered this card before, we know it means hope, new beginning and a new take on a situation. The anchor represents long term, settling, perseverance and legacy.
So this first combination points out to some positive outlook regarding a long term situation that is on going with the hope of a new take on the event.

2- Sun with the fox
The sun is success and victory over the obstacles. It is also charisma…The fox can mean a job, an employment but also something sneaky or a spy.
This ensemble could have several meanings. It could personify that the job is to be victorious (we are talking about the prospect of a war here!); but it can point to winning by not playing fair too! Either way we have a success that is not being genuine for some reason…

3- Death and clouds
Death means transformation, ending and termination. Clouds mean confusion, uncertainty adn dysfunctions. So in this combination, we have the description of an undefined ending, a confusing situation leading to deaths (soldiers and civilians being killed) and a sense of a big mess?!

4- Knight of swords with bouquet
This knight in the crowley deck refers to new situations coming, news like the horseman in the Lenormand. They actually have matching definitions.
The bouquet is positive vibrations, beauty and harmony
So this group announces some changes, positive new opportunities (good news of some sorts) that could be creating harmony in the future.
If the knight does represent a person, it is a man who is young and attractive…because of the bouquet ;-)

5- Fool and ring
The fool brings up a new cycle, starting fresh with no preconceived ideas and no expectations. The ring talks about agreements, solutions and partnerships.
So this group predicts a complete change of direction without bagages from the past and a solution that renew the situation and its objectives entirely.


6-clouds can refer to June and the sun to summer time…the fool refers to the end of a cycle and in this particular case since we ask for 2009, it would point to the end of 2009, going into 2010.

A new hope for a long term situation starts the new year 2009 regarding the Iraq war. However, the success described may not be founded on genuine acts or it may require more work (troups?). Deterioration seems to be predicted or the idea that the work is ‘working’ may suddenly reveals a darker story. Anyway Iraq will continue for until Summer its devastating effects with no real change in sight.
But a young and attractive male figure may change that by bringing positive news and a complete change of direction. A solution that may bring an agreement to change the course of the war and its outcome may be found at the end of the year 2009. The most active period for a solution could be after the middle of the summer until the end of 2009…
When would be the next big earthquake for Los Angeles that would be 6.4 and above? 
The spread is:

4 of pendacles + 8 of swords + queen of cups + 5 of swords + 2 of pendacles
20-garden + 36-cross + 1-horseman + 16-stars + 7-snake

1- 4 of pendacles and garden
4 pendacles means security, stability and a guarded position. The garden is linked with people, the public in general and with popularity.
This combination brings great stability and a large population (and popularity) to the location. Los Angeles is on firm grounds (so to speak) and should not expect anything major in the immediate.

2-8 swords and 36 cross
8 of swords refer to stress, major anxiety and bad situations in general
The cross connects with pain, anxiety, faith…
This group is a warning of something coming that will create intense emotions, even physical (Pain???) that is a bad situation overall. 8 of swords is the tension card by excellence, meaning earthquakes happen because of tensions underneath the surface…not good omen!

3-queen of cups and horseman
The queen of cups is motherly, soft and creative because it is an emotional being. The horseman brings someone new, news and new situation.
This is an interesting group of cards: the combination seems to predict a new individual in Los Angeles linked with the question we asked (when). It is a woman and she comes on the scene as being caring and significant.

4-5 of swords and 16 stars
The 5 of swords is the failure card. It brings negative outcomes, desaster and debacles. the stars represent our hopes and dreams but also our planning and design. It is also an architect card and a flying card!
This group talks about a major failure but to what? design? Los Angeles after the Northridge earthquake did a lot of retrofitting and re-building on hight earthquake standards…Or is it that we will see our dreams crashing with what is predicted…???

5- 2 of pentacles and 7 snake
The 2 of pentacles as seen before represent juggling of resources and the balancing of the cashflow. Several sources of income can be represented and nothing is certain or guaranteed. The snake talks always of real problems (physical or operational) that will have no easy or quick fixes. It could also represent people who are not ‘good’…
This group warn of major financial problems that will have no quick resolution but that will demand some severe balancing act on the budget and accounting of the city…


the 4 of pentacles can represent 4 years of stability. the 5 of swords could be not only an event being forecast but also the 5th year! But the timing is more centered around that woman that seems to come into the political scene of Los Angeles…remember we asked about the city of LA. Not about a movie! Could she represent a new mayor?
the 2 of pentacles could also refer to two years of problems…humm.

The city of Los Angeles will not experience any devastating earthquake for another 4 years (this prediction is made on December 2008!). However during the 5th year, a major devastating event will take place. The coming of a new charactere (a woman) as being a significant player in the city of Los Angeles (mayor?) will be the timeline. Two major earthquakes greater than 6.4 will take place that year of her coming. Each earthquake will be few weeks or months apart but will take place between December 2012 and December 2013. The devastation will be such that the entire design and make up of the town will be changed for a long time. It may take two years or more for the city to repair or fix the long term side effects of such shakes.
I went to double check when would be the next mayor election in LA. It is set on March 3rd, 2009! They hold office for 4 years…The next election will be on March 3rd, 2013!!!! Coincidence?! To all of you who live in L.A. if a woman presents herself as a mayor candidate few months before the official election, I would pack my bag as it seems that her fate and L.A.’s fate are linked in those earthquakes’ predictions. If she wins, time to go live at your vacation home for a while and see what happens. I will surely pay attention to this prophecy part because I am very curious to see if a woman is going to run in 4 years but also because I live here!!!



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