What is the future of Apple? (prophecy made on February 2009)

There is no doubt in my mind that Steve Jobs’ health turned for the worse…His situation does not look good to me but I don’t want to appear too pessimistic. So I would say that if we do not see Jobs coming back at Apple by this summer in some ways to the company, then we have to expect bad news.

As of June 20th 2009, here is the latest via Earthlink news regarding Jobs’ health situation. It seems that this prophecy is right on target.


Tim Cook will continue Jobs’ visions for another couple of years. Jobs was very clear about where he wanted the company to go and Tim will implement that strategy to the letter. However by the end of the third year, confusion and maybe a loss of vision will replace the assertiveness.

Apple will have a year of trouble and uncertainty by that 3rd year. However it can be corrected and I believe it is exactly what will happen. Apple leaders will shake the coconut tree and reset their priorities to guarantee the success of Apple long term. So the last part of the 5 years I look into appears promising. Apple is here to stay regardless if Jobs is running it or not!

As of August 2009, Steve Jobs is back working at Apple in a part-time capacity after a liver transplant that appears successful!

As of August 24th, 2011 Steve Jobs announced his resignation and added in his statement that he will keep an eye on the company but could no longer fullfill his CEO role. Tim Cook will take Apple over as its new CEO. We are now entering the second phase of the prophecy…


Sadly, Steve Jobs passed away on October 5th 2011 from pancratic cancer at the age of 56; Cook took the role of C.E.O. few weeks earlier after Jobs made the announcement he could no longer commit to his responsibilities.

What is going to happen to the Real Estate market and specifically in California?

The bottom of the market has not been reached yet (Prophecy made on April 25th 2009). Next Spring 2010, hopes are up starting February as it looks like we have signs that sales prices are picking some steam and investments are being made again. However the market will remain uncertain (therefore subject to fluctuations that could be in the negative) for another 3 years.

Now what is interesting about this is that California won’t be the place to be. We will see others states doing extremely well within that 3 year period. They will experience continuous growth and investors will be going joyfully into those areas. But California won’t be one of them!

The best time to buy in within the next year (Summer 2009 to Summer 2010) regardless of where you are. Should it be in L.A.? Before you do, check my prophecy on earthquakes for that region and make sure you have solid foundations and earthquake protection. My advice would be that you buy in cheaper areas in the country where good business and industrial growth will be experienced.


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