Prophecies 2009

I post on a regular basis on Aeclectic Tarot forum because of its international community. I will post in this blog some of the prophecies I have started 2 weeks ago using a Lenormand deck with Tarot cards. You can also check the page “techniques” for the full break-down on how I came up with those prophecies.

For your information, I can do prophecies in different ways. I can concentrate on any crystal support and see images. I can also have prophetic dreams and of course I can use cards. Because I had taught the Lenormand in the frame of a virtual course on Aeclectic, I wanted to use those two decks to show the methodology. If you have no clue how to use cards such as Tarot or the Lenormand, do not worry. The most important is the prophecy!

My hope is that you find this page interesting enough that you will come back from time to time to check its updates. Meanwhile I am open to suggestions on what topics, celebrities or countries you want me to work on so go ahead and use the ‘comments’ section (while I am still working on the navigation of this blog, I erased few posted blogs and I apologize for those of you who were kind enough to leave your words).

U.S.A. 2009: The state of the economy during the upcoming new year? prophecy made in Dec 2008

 The American economy will not recover officially until November 2009! But there will be an optimism from the people at the beginning of the year due to some financial decisions leading to help families and middle class that will boost the moral and their cashflow. Although this will not mean the economy is better, it will allow households to weather the uncertainties until the turn around is permanently felt.

Update (Feb 26, 2009): the stimulus package was passed on the week of the 16th of February, exactly 7 weeks from January 1st 2009!

Anything we need to know about the President Barack Obama and his policies for 2009? prophecy made in December 2008

Mr. Obama will live up to the high expectations placed in him by the American people. Within few weeks of his administation he will prove himself to be the right leader for the challenges facing the nation. He will experience personal satisfaction in the results that he will be getting and will establish new policies that will be in place by the Fall. Meanwhile to start he will use money to affect short term the nation. It is likely this man will be re-elected for a second term!  

What would unfold in this new year 2009 regarding the Iraq war?prophecy made in December 2008

A new hope for a long term situation starts the new year 2009 regarding the Iraq war. However, the success described may not be founded on genuine acts or it may require more work (troups?). Deterioration seems to be predicted or the idea that the work is ‘working’ may suddenly reveals a darker story. Anyway Iraq will continue for until Summer its devastating effects with no real change in sight.
But a young and attractive male figure may change that by bringing positive news and a complete change of direction. A solution that may bring an agreement to change the course of the war and its outcome may be found at the end of the year 2009. The most active period for a solution could be after the middle of the summer until the end of 2009…

 Update (Feb 26, 2009): it appears that President Obama wants to retrieve most troops from Iraq within 19 months. He will re-direct some to Afghanistan which seems to become his priority.

April 7th, 2009: President Obama made a surprise stop in Bagdad after a sudden increase of violence. See Earthlink report for details.


When would be the next big earthquake for Los Angeles that would be 6.4 and above? prophecy made in December 2008

The city of Los Angeles will not experience any devastating earthquake for another 4 years (this prediction is made on December 2008!). However during the 5th year, a major devastating event will take place. The coming of a new charactere (a woman) as being a significant player in the city of Los Angeles (mayor?) will be the timeline. Two major earthquakes greater than 6.4 will take place that year of her coming. Each earthquake will be few weeks or months apart but will take place between December 2012 and December 2013. The devastation will be such that the entire design and make up of the town will be changed for a long time. It may take two years or more for the city to repair or fix the long term side effects of such shakes.


I went to double check when would be the next mayor election in LA. It is set on March 3rd, 2009! They hold office for 4 years…The next election will be on March 3rd, 2013!!!! Coincidence?!

To all of you who live in L.A., if a woman comes on the scene as a possible mayor candidate few months before the official election, I would pack my bag as it seems that her fate and L.A.’s fate are linked in those earthquakes’ predictions.

If she wins, time to go live at your vacation home for a while and see what happens. I will surely pay attention to this prophecy part because I am very curious to see if a woman is going to run in 4 years but also because I live here!!!


Update (Feb 26, 2009): the race for L.A. mayor for 2009 got started. Wendy Greuel is running for controller of the city of Los Angeles. It is usually a stepping stone for positioning yourself to run for mayor later on…So we have possibly our woman and if she gets that position, we need to pay very close attention to that prophecy! Specially if she runs for mayor in 4 years!

03/04/2009: Wendy Greuel was elected city controller with a very large margin. We also will have the same mayor for another mandate but Antonio may be looking into becoming a governor and run against Arnold…

02/02/2013: Wendy Greuel as well as two other women are running for Mayor of Los Angeles. The prophecy being connected with a woman at the top position in Los Angeles, it seems that we are entering the timeline of that prediction. However The date is not as important as the fact that a woman is mayor at the time of those Earthquakes. If the next mayor of L.A. is a man, the prophecy is pushed further in time. If a woman is elected, we are on watch. She could also run in 4 years and be re-elected again, keeping this prophecy active for as long as the elements of it are in place. Food for thoughts!

By request here is my prophecy regarding the Israel/Gaza situation. Please do not get upset with my comments as I am not Jewish and I do not have any favorite. This is what I saw and nothing else.

What are President Obama’s actions for 2009 regarding the situation between Israel and Gaza? (prophecy made in January 2009)

In 2009, President Obama will come and visit the region personally at the beginning of the summer (June?). He will talk to both parties (Gaza and Israel representatives) and a woman working as one of the heads for those parties (Israel?) will be a primary player. However, despite the historic visit from the newly elect President and his attempt to move the discussions into a new perspective, there will be no tangible outcome from it. Saddly, things will remain locked down without much hope for a solution…

What will be the development of the Gaza/Israel conflit in 2009 and beyond?(prophecy made in January 2009)

Israel appears strong and financially sound in my prophecy. It is prepared to defend itself and it won’t back down. I don’t see any concession or any defeat on their side. Israel will continue to receive financial support from outsiders while the Palestinians will run out of money and become weaker in the near future. It is a lost battle as nothing shows that the Palestinians can kick Israel out! Instead I see the Palestinians running out of options…

The fact that Gaza is running of money is a key point in this conflict. If one cannot eat, find shelter and feed its people, wars don’t mean much…The economical status of Gaza is going to be such in the next couple of years that those inhabitants will start to want ‘change’ too! So as much as I see no resolution of the conflict this year (on and off), I believe that in 2 years, we will start to see the Palestinian leadership change and with it, its willingness to negociate a different future. As long as the Palestinians look back, discussions and negociations are futile. But by then, a majority will be willing to find a solution…

I predict that after that period, we will witness the negociations of a Palestinian State with Israel and the recognition without conditions of Israel by all progressive Palestinians. I say ‘progressive’ because there is always going to be some fanatics out there who will prefer the total destruction of their own people vs peace and compromise…

Once the borders of this new Palestinian State will be set and agreed upon, the name “GAZA” will also be changed. That region won’t be called anymore by that name! From that point on, the newly formed state will start its journey toward emotional healing, reconstruction and normalcy. Their standard of living will improve and eventually that state will gain power on the international scene.

This timing is fitting the best case scenario, it means it won’t go faster than that. At worse, it can take longer but the outcome will be the same! The idea that the Palestinians will finally find themselves living normal and decent lives with their children while having a voice in the international communauty is comforting. But the process will only start once the Palestinians come to the conclusion that beating Israel won’t work and that they need to now look into the future of their own people…





16 thoughts on “Prophecies 2009

  1. Hi Sylvie,

    Hope you are well. I was wondering if you could take a look at “Obama’s stand on the conflict going on with Israel and Palestine. And if he would make some form of alliance or send in troops, as the US like to do, stamping there authority usually where it’s not wanted. It looks like he’s making changes with Iraq, and taking troops out to go into Afghanistan.


    Posted by phoenixoracle | January 22, 2009, 8:49 pm
  2. Hi Phoenix,

    I will look into it 😉


    Posted by sylvie | January 23, 2009, 8:26 am
  3. Hi Sylvie,

    Wow! Your predictions are fantastic! I’m pleased to hear that there’s hope for our troubled economy, and that there’s a solution in sight for the war in Iraq, but the next earthquake prediction has the hairs on my arms standing on end!

    I would also be very interested to know what you see for the future regarding the US involvement in the middle east.

    I’m glad I stumbled onto your blog. I’m going to add a link from my blog because I think more people should be aware of not only your predictions, but also this specialized use of the Lenormand Oracle and Tarot!


    Posted by lenormand36 | January 26, 2009, 12:31 am
  4. Hello Aristede,

    I will post in the next few days what I get for the Israel/Gaza situation and the position of this country with our new leadership. So stay put!


    Posted by sylviesteinbach | January 26, 2009, 6:07 pm
  5. Hi Sylvie,

    Wow thanks alot for doing that. Israel has and always will have the financial support, for is not Israel the “house of Rothschild”, US also being one of their financial military support. A very sad state of affairs, for the innocent civillians on both sides, Israel and Palestinians, either side there will be losses.

    As you say, the Palestinians will most likely be defeated because of limited food, money and shelter. So what does the rest of the world do? stand by and watch?

    The invisible Government don’t want a solution to this conflict, war is big business and it suits their agenda.

    Obama as you say will go to visit these 2 places, will appear to the public to be seen wanting to come to some solution, but they know very well, that it’s not going to happen.

    Atleast as you say, there maybe some consolation for the Palestinian people (for the ones that are left) after the negotiations. They may not have any choice in the matter.

    I’m afraid that we will only see what the media want us to see in this drama.

    thank you for the time and effort you have put into these prophecies, and wait with interest to see them unfold.


    Posted by phoenixoracle | January 27, 2009, 9:42 am
  6. Hi Sylvie,

    Thank you!

    I’m very happy to hear that you see peace finally coming for Israel and Palestine!

    It’s sad that the Palestinian people will have to brought to their needs through suffering, loss and starvation before their leaders can reach an agreement. There have been terrible losses on both sides, and official recognition for both peoples is long overdue.

    I remain optimistic that the changes you see coming will happen within the best scenario time frame!


    Posted by lenormand36 | January 27, 2009, 1:31 pm
  7. Hi Sylvie,

    It’s fascinating to read your predictions for the future especially the earthquake prediction.

    Just wondering can you tell me should I pack my bags too. I’m living in San Diego not so far from L.A.


    Posted by Miia | March 28, 2009, 5:25 am
  8. Hi again Sylvie,

    I have a one big question in my mind that I would like you to take a look at.
    I would love to hear what is your prediction on real estate. How it will develop in the future? What is the best time to buy a house, this year or next year? And if you buy a house now does it keep its value in 5 years?

    Thank you Sylvie.
    Love to hear from you,

    Posted by Miia | March 28, 2009, 5:46 am
  9. Any prophecy should be look into with great caution because it can be off in timing and its description. The earthquakes in L.A. are connected in time with the rise of a female notable in the mayor seat. Since I live in town, I am indeed concerned by this prediction as I already went through the Northridge earthquake. If one has to purchase a place in this location, one should be looking at good earthquake insurance with a reputable and financially sound company, with a low deductible and good construction bones. Some grounds are made of sand like in Venice, some are made of rocks like in some canyon areas. All those information must be computed when buying here. I will look into the RE for California shortly and give you a projection onto what to expect…stay tuned! And thanks for posting!!!!

    Posted by sylviesteinbach | March 28, 2009, 4:58 pm
  10. I am a friend of Erika Whitman’s, I saw her today to bring her some chicken soup and have a reading and she told me about you. I have known Erika for a very long time and I respect her opinion. I would like to find out about possibly having a reading with you. Where are you located and what is the cost?
    thank you
    sharon romero

    Posted by sharon romero | December 10, 2009, 6:15 am
  11. Hi Sylvie I was wondering if you see anything major happening in the state of Alabama or the Southeastern part of the US for 2010. Do you see any of the violence in Juarez being effectively addressed by the US or Mexico? Any major natural disasters in any part of the world?

    Posted by cheryl | December 12, 2009, 2:50 am
  12. Hi Sylvie,
    Do you still feel the quake will be in 2012-13? I noticed we have a female (Meg Whitman) running for Governor this year…

    Posted by GiGi | March 21, 2010, 11:29 pm
    • Hi Gigi,

      Honestly I felt it was more dealing with the seat of L.A. mayor and the race taking place at that time. If a woman runs for the job and win, then we should be concerned. Interesting question as it was asked several times in different occasions from different people. So with all the latest concerns about earthquakes here in L.A. I am waiting to see what is going to unfold. I still feel we need to be prepared…Thank you for asking this good question. It was time I answered this.

      Sylvie Steinbach

      Posted by sylviesteinbach | March 22, 2010, 5:44 am

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