You have discovered World Prophecies, a blog unveiling future world events before they happen.

By creating this blog, I went back to one of my early passions which is predicting world events. I have been a professional psychic for a long time but my prophecies have always been  kept among a small circle of friends and clients.

When I predicted the Northridge earthquake for Los Angeles, 6 months before it took place, I was received with a lot of scepticism by my peers (yes, other psychics did not see it coming!) in September 1993. I recall saying ” you will see fire in the street, buildings down and this earthquake will be one of those that you will remember for a very long time!”

The reactions were: “But we have earthquakes all the time!” to “really?!” I remember standing  in the back room of a well-known metaphysical bookstore among other professional psychics during lunch time… Some asked me: “When do you see that happening?”. I answered “Before the end of the year or so!”

In January 1994, The Northridge earthquake hit Los Angeles and destroyed lives, properties and change the way we build in California for ever… The day after the earthquake, when I showed up again at this New Age place, the same individuals were looking at me in a very different way, a mixture of fear and respect. From that point on, every psychic in town was predicting a big earthquake every 3 months and of course not such a thing happened.

Indeed, not everyone, not every good psychic is meant to do prophecies. It is a unique skill that requires to be documented in order to be validated. Few do it for fear to be ridiculed or to be off and see their career suffer. It is a risk I am willing to take as I believe it is an interesting exercise in clairvoyance and sensitivity.

Unfortunately the story does not end that simply. In 1994, I was asked by some of those same professionals/friends to look to see if I was seeing anything else. As a fluke, for fun I would say, I obliged. My second prophecy was a little less known but few people would testify, even today, that they did witness it. Years later, at this prophecy came to pass, they told me it did give them the chill as they recalled my words.

I said: “I saw a big city, not like L.A. that is spread large, but a city with very tall buildings like skyscrapers, somewhere in the East of this country. I am standing in the street and suddenly I see in the sky like a flash of light hitting the top of one of the buildings, fire and explosions. Then I feel like a wind of dust and death going through the streets and taking me over. It was terrifying and taking my breath away. It is was like a rocket hit the building and its devastating effects were felt all the way down below and I felt like dying…” Again I was asked about timing. I answered within 10 years as I know my prophecies do not go beyond that time-line ever…I have done prophecies since I am a little girl.

September 2001, I saw what I had seen in my mind in 1994! Planes crashing into buildings as if they were rockets, missiles of death. The clouds of ashes and particles rushing through the streets of New York city. 6 years later! I remember watching the amateur footage of the event from the pedestrian point of view and it was like I saw it years ago…Sometimes I do wish I was wrong, for those images to only be the fruit of my imagination…However I have learned that I have that psychic talent for seeing world events.

So this blog will be used to do some prophecies, mental visions of possible events or situations that would be recorded for everyone to see and consult. Time will tell how accurate they are…I let the readers judge my insights on the world.

I intend to write about my techniques and knowledge as I have been quite experimental as a psychic. I like the challenge of accuracy since we, psychics, are supposed to be charlatans, I should be proven to be completely off base…I write as I think so I do not say I am a good writer. English being my second language is no excuse as I can tell you my writing skill in French was not that great either.

I will speak in truth what I have seen in my mind, I will do what I have done for years but instead of sharing with some few chosen people, I will share those insights with you…

Sylvie Steinbach

Life coach, international psychic and karmic astrologer



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